Work in progress

In the next while, I will start publishing written content here that will hopefully make seemingly important ideas intelligible to smart people with limited knowledge of philosophy or social sciences.

While the internet gives us access to so much information that there that some ideas may never circulate as they ought to or, worse yet, their potential to circulate limited due to only scholars or academics being privy to them. Making things more complicated is the fact that entertainment and news media tend to nudge people toward issues, while ignoring others that are either too subversive, ‘complicated’ or ‘boring’.

(Click to view film about how news is made)

For example, in Canada right now, there is an election brewing and rival politicians are all making great appeals to economics; employment and trade. While there are many factors that can explain such a dumbing-down of politics, the one relevant here is that talking points being limited to economics is a concession to people’s interests and ignorance.

In truth, there’s a lot of ideas out there that have the potential to radically alter peoples’ perspective on society, politics and what it is to live well. Whether I’ll contribute much to such an enterprise remains to be seen.

There is a good chance that I will also write about music, film, art and video games too on occasion if something seems noteworthy enough to spend a few hours thinking about.



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